Introducing Blobscriptions

Blobscriptions is an extension of the Ethscriptions protocol, bringing Ethereum a scalability solution utilizing Ethereum blobs.


The Blobscriptions protocol is an extension of the Ethscriptions protocol, utilizing the ESIP-8 proposal. It also serves as an experimental venture to pioneer another Ethereum scalability solution.

Employing the technical advantages of improved scalability and large data management capabilities offered by blobs, the Blobscriptions protocol enables users to create sizable digital objects on-chain and conduct computations on Ethereum Layer 1 at significantly lower costs. This efficiency is continuously enhanced as Vitalik upgrades the blobs pricing model.

We are at the forefront of building applications using Ethereum's latest feature, 'blobs.' Our primary contribution to the ecosystem lies in frequent usage and advocacy for further growth. Numerous exciting experiments and innovations will be made with blobs.

Blobs Data Storage Source

What is Blobs?

Blobscriptions leverage Ethereum blobs, specifically designed for Ethereum Layer 2 solutions, to store on-chain data cost-effectively. These blobs enable the efficient storage of large rollup data, contributing to the scalability of Ethereum's Layer 2 solutions.

Each Ethereum block can accommodate up to 6 blobs, providing ample space for data storage. However, it's important to note that Ethereum Layer 1 nodes only maintain the availability of blobs' data for 18 days. To ensure permanent storage, various off-chain solutions, such as blobscan, store blobs data indefinitely.

One of the key characteristics of blockchain technology is its permissionless nature, allowing anyone to store any type of data on-chain. The Blobscriptions protocol is continually developed to enhance functionality and accessibility, making it easier for users to leverage Ethereum blobs for various applications.

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