The transfer operation strictly requires the transaction's recipient address same as the sender's address. Then you can choose to send to multiple recipients. The current upper limit is set to 9999 for safety concerns.




Operation, strictly equal to 'transfer'



Token ticker



Array of objects, "to" and "amount", fields. to is the recipient address, amount is the quantity.


  • ticker: The name of the inscription, case-insensitive, must be an already deployed inscription.

  • transfers: Transfer inscriptions to multiple wallet addresses simultaneously. If the total transfer quantity exceeds the sender's balance or if there are errors in the transfer information verification, the entire transfer event will be indexed as invalid. Up to 9999 addresses are allowed, but due to Ethereum's current limit on blob content size, it is recommended not to use more than 1000 addresses.

    • to: The recipient's wallet address, must be a valid ETH address. The field name can also be replaced with to_address for compatibility with historical data. However, to_address is deprecated and is not recommended to use.

    • amount: The quantity of inscriptions to transfer, with the number of decimal places not exceeding the precision specified by the decimals limit."

For example:

  "protocol": "blob20",
  "token": {
    "operation": "transfer",
    "ticker": "BLOB",
    "transfers": [
        "to": "0x2a7f507f0a87eeC7F539F98c2B07B3899ffbd99a",
        "amount": 100.985
        "to": "0x8Fb829a17E7F9DBE2e1D4EDD48aDd4B371641201",
        "amount": 38.87036

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